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Poll: Who Should Be The New Voice For Translink Announcements In Vancouver?

Morgan Freeman / Translink Announcements

Photo: Trisha Fawver / Flickr

Almost as quickly as they were implemented, Morgan Freeman’s Translink announcements were pulled from Vancouver transit.

On Thursday, May 24th, news broke that the Academy award winning actor had 8 allegations of sexual harassment and “inappropriate behaviour.

Starting on Monday, riders were able to use contactless forms of payment instead of Compass Cards. As such, Freeman announcing the rollout and set to make a series on announcements on buses regarding rider etiquette.

“In light of information we’ve learned through news stories this morning of serious allegations against actor Morgan Freeman, TransLink has decided to pause his voice announcements as part of a VISA ad campaign on the transit system. We will be in touch with VISA to discuss further,” TransLink said in a statement.

Translink Announcements

Vancouver-born Seth Rogan took to Twitter to announce that he’d be willing to lend his vocal stylings to the transit provider.

With his suggestion in mind, there are a litany of actors from the city that would make excellent announcers. While it is unclear if Translink is actually looking for a replacement, they might appreciate the public’s input.

Do you think that Translink should have another celebrity voice on Vancouver transit? If so, who do you think should make them? Alternatively, do you think that they should do away with the Hollywood fluff?

Sound off in the comments below!


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