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Translink Introduces 5 Compass Cards Alternatives This May

Translink / Card Skimmers

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Translink just announced that they are introducing their new tap for pay service next month.

Now, riders may use contactless Visa and Mastercard credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay instead of Compass Cards. Unfortunately, Compass Cards will still be required for passengers who have a day or monthly pass. In addition, readers will not accept debit cards.

This new feature will mean no more ticket line-ups, digging for exact change, or worrying about pre-calculating zones.

In order to use the service, riders simply tap their contactless Visa or Mastercard credit card or mobile device on a card reader to start your journey. Upon existing, they simply tap their form of payment again. For buses, they only need to tap in.


Translink Warning: Card Clash

Card clash occurs when multiple cards are tapped on a card reader at the same time — for instance, when someone taps their wallet instead of an individual card. With that in mind, the new feature allows for greater ease of payment because it removes the step of filling up a compass card.

After you’ve completed your journey, the exact fare will be sent to your credit card company. If paying with a mobile device, you may see various notifications and pre-authorizations in your mobile app after each tap. These notifications are not your charges. To see your final charges, please refer to your credit card statement.

Translink recently introduced a small fleet of double decker buses on Metro Vancouver routes to combat a rise in commuter traffic. In addition, the transit provider is increasing the number of SkyTrain and Canada Line Cars to ease congestion.

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