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The Beloved White Rock Pier Is Set To Re-Open By The End of August

White Rock Pier

Photo: @sarazaytsoff / Instagram

The Mayor of White Rock delivered great news late Wednesday afternoon.

The White Rock Pier, one of city’s most iconic landmarks, is on pace to re-open by August 31st.

Back in December 2018, a 30-metre-long section of the beloved pier was destroyed as the result of a powerful storm. The forceful winds and resulting strong waves battered nearby boats against the pier until it split into two.

In April 2019, the White Rock city council awarded the $3,079,740.00 repair contract to PPM Civil Constructors (PPMCC).


Crews have been rigorously repairing the pier since, and communities like the Friends of the Pier Fundraising Committee have also made tremendous contributions to the effort. Friends of the Pier is led by Bob Bezubiak, a TD Bank Manager.

On Wednesday, the Mayor Darryl Walker told Global News that he’s confident the pier will be re-opened by the end of August.

“We can see the end of the trail now”, Mayor Walker said.

In a report to the Mayor and City Council in July, Acting Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations Rosaline Choy also concluded that she expects the pier to be re-opened by, or on, August 31st.


The White Rock Pier’s New Upgrades

White Rock Pier
Photo: @ethan.dijkstra / Instagram

The pier was built in 1977 and after it’s vulnerabilities were highlighted by the December 2018 storm, it was recommended that the pier undergo several design upgrades to improve fortification.

Westmar Advisors, an engineering, science, and project consultation company, laid out the following criteria for the pier, saying that the pier should:

  • Be designed to the current building code;
  • Meet environmental standards;
  • Be protected against earthquakes;
  • Be hardened against debris laden storm surges; and
  • Be able to support an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency.

Several of these are addressed in the report, through forthcoming changes and upgrades to the pier.

These upgrades include “additional rebar, the addition of a concrete additive to increase longevity of concrete, additional timber repairs, pressure washing the Pier, and temporary infrastructure to protect the conduits under the north end of the Pier.”


Another big upgrade is improved timber planks that can support heavier weights.

Further upgrades are set to be implemented after the pier re-opens, including new arch fixtures and new light fixtures.

Donations to help fund the continued efforts are still being accepted. You can donate to Friends of the Pier, here.

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