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This Isolated BC Island Is The Perfect Place To Enjoy Your Last Summer Getaway

Texada Island

Photo: por_explores / Instagram

While there are plenty of places to explore in British Columbia, Texada Island offers one of the most serene getaways.

As the largest of the gulf islands, it offers numerous activities to enjoy and things to see. In addition, boats and kayaks may be rented to enjoy the island’s breathtaking coastlines. What’s more, the island sees less tourism than other gulf islands, which offers a more peaceful escape.



The island also hosts a vast array of fascinating wildlife, on land and at sea. Birdwatchers may may view over 250 species of birds including cormorants, heron, bald eagles, Anna’s and Rufous hummingbirds and more. In addition, the island is also ideal for scuba diving, boasting warm, high-visibility waters.

According to Wikipedia, “At the time of Confederation the north end of the island became a fishing outport. For a few years, humpback whales were flensed on the beach, giving the place the epithet of Blubber Bay. Grey Whales migrating from California to Alaska pass by Texada Island. Twelve basking sharks were slaughtered as sport in Blubber Bay in 1947.”

It may come as a surprise to locals, but a vast array of sharks frequent the waters of BC. Hornby Island‘s Flora Inlet is a rocky reef that is one of the very few places on the planet where divers can swim with six-gill sharks.




Texada Island Quarry

It looks like a tropical oasis, but this serene spot located on the island. Named “Quarry Lake,” this abandoned limestone quarry is flooded over and takes on magnificent aquamarine hues. What’s more, these multifaceted colours shine vibrantly in the hot summer sun.

With that in mind, the lake is located private property, and therefore the public is advised to refrain from visiting it.



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