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3 Sustainable Travel Trends To Help You Travel Guilt-Free In 2020

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As we enter 2020, the call for sustainable travel trends continues to have a huge impact on the travel industry. So, it’s safe to say travel in this new decade is definitely going to look a lot different than it did in the last!

With this in mind the question is, how can we still explore the world without leaving too much of a mark? Here are three sustainable travel trends to help you explore guilt-free in 2020:

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Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

This year, it’s going to be all about making the “travelling” part of the trip. This sustainable travel trend involves using slower, greener methods of travel and even taking advantage of motion-based trips. Consider, for example, using coaches or trains to get around or vacations heavy on biking or hiking. Another option is simply to visit the destinations that are in our backyards.

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Lucky for us, we have a number of great options right on our doorstep in beautiful BC. So, why not give it a whirl this year and try out some of the amazing multi-day hiking trails such as West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island or the Sunshine Coast Trail. Or, perhaps venture on an overnight kayak trip along the Indian Arm?

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Venture off the Beaten Track

Forget going to those big-name destinations everyone has heard of. They are so last decade. Second-city travel is going to be a huge sustainable travel trend in 2020. It involves heading to the lesser known spots you may not have considered, but that still match your travel criteria.

It’s a much more sustainable travel trend as it reduces overtourism and damage to the eco-systems of the popular destinations everyone has been flocking to in the last few years. Plus, you can expect less crowds and still discover unique history and charm that has yet to be posted on Insta. Win win!

Choose to Carbon Offset Your Flights

Flight-shaming was a big trend in 2019 and it’s unlikely 2020 will be any different. This huge wave of negative attention on air travel is causing airlines to sit up and take action. It’s a sustainable travel trend which means great news for us as a number of airlines are now offering the option to carbon offset the CO2 emissions from the flights. Basically, if you need to take that flight you can do so with a little less guilt because the airlines will be planting trees to consume the CO2. So, make sure you offset your emissions and look out for these options when you are perusing flights for your 2020 trip!

Happy Travels!

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