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Local Skinnydipping Club Makes Waves After Questions of Inclusion of Children Arise

Surrey skinnydippers

Photo: erasr62 / Flickr

A Surrey skinnydipping club is being questioned for its inclusion of children.

The Surrey Skinnydippers held their most-recent monthly nude swimming event at Newton Wave Pool on November 9.

The monthly event is also open to children, if they’re accompanied by an adult. And that’s what’s raising eyebrows.

After reading about the event on Twitter, Surrey resident Zachary Johnson wrote to the Now-Leader.

“I thought that’s weird. I clicked on the link and it showed there’s going to be kids there as well,” he said. “I thought well this is pretty inappropriate. I wouldn’t really have a problem with it if there weren’t underage people involved. If it was only for adults, then it wouldn’t really be an issue.”

Regardless, the Surrey Skinnydippers will continue making waves, and not just at the pool.

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