This B.C. High School Has A Buy-Back Program For Vapes & It’s (Kind of) Working

Vape Buy Back Program

A B.C. high school has found a new solution to combat teenage vaping, in the form of a vape buy-back program.

And so far, it’s making progress. Revelstoke Secondary School started the buy-back program on October 30th and have so far seen close to 50 vapes be exchanged.

“In essence, we put it out there. We said we will buy your vapes not for the going price, not even for half price, but we’ll buy your vapes and give you credit at the school cafeteria,” the school Principal Greg Kenyon told CBC.

When students bring in their vapes, staff assesses their quality. The shape it’s in will determine how much credit they get.

The highest amount students have gotten so far is $30 with the lowest at $2. They usually go for about a third of their original cost, said Kenyon.

“I give them a price that is nowhere near what they would get if they sold it to another student, but having said that, the students understand that they don’t want other people to take this up,” he said.

Kenyon had the idea after hearing about the growing studies that show how vaping can affect one’s health. Since June alone, six people have gone to the hospital with issues potentially caused by vaping.

The trend of vaping is especially high with teenagers.

And while Kenyon said the buy-back program hasn’t stopped vaping, it has made a difference so far.

“Anecdotally for sure, it has gone down in terms of visibility,” agreed superintendent Mike Hooker to CBC.

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Featured photo: Lindsay Fox / Flickr

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