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Richmond Just Banned Smoking And Vaping In Public Parks And School Grounds

Smoking Ban

As of May 1st, those residing in and visiting the City of Richmond will have to be careful where they choose to light up.

Richmond City Council just approved new regulations that will further limit smoking and vaping in public spaces and around City properties.

The new regulations come into effect on May 1st, and are aimed at enhancing public health and safety.

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in British Columbia, and no level of second-hand smoke exposure is safe. Vapour products have also been identified as a public health concern due to unregulated ingredients and the potential health impact of vapour on users and bystanders.

The Richmond decision follows the same changes enacted by the City of Port Coquitlam. On March 15th, Port Coquitlam passed a bylaw that banned smoking in all parks, trails and playgrounds.

Smoking and Vaping Ban

New regulations in Public Health Protection Bylaw No. 6989 will include:

  • No smoking at public parks and school grounds (e.g. beaches, trails, playgrounds, playing fields, golf courses, docks, piers, heritage sites, public recreation centres, arenas, swimming pools, City Hall plaza, and other City properties that are open to the public)
  • No-smoking within nine metres of transit shelters, transit signs, customer service areas (patios), doors, windows and air intakes (previously three metres for transit shelters and six metres for all other areas)
  • Definition of “smoking” or “smoke” to include cannabis and all vapour products such as e-cigarettes.


The current fines will remain the same under the amended bylaw. A first offence warrants a $150 is fine, and a second is $500; a third or subsequent offence garners a whopping $1,000 penalty.

Last summer, the city temporarily banned smoking and propane barbecues in parks, trails and natural areas due to the heightened fire risk. Discarded cigarette butts were also a major source of fires in the city, and this point was taken into account.

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