Surrey Reveals Plans For Massive LRT Expansion Larger Than SkyTrain Network

surrey lrt

There’s been a great deal of talk regarding how the Surrey LRT would operate; however, things look a bit clearer with a new grid map of the system.

In its last council meeting, the City of Surrey released an image of the plan, titled the Surrey Long-Range Rapid Transit Vision.

After the Expo Line terminates at King George, the plan envisions light rail transit servicing each neighbourhood. As such, it will facilitate the goal of connecting communities with affordable and efficient transit.

Specifically, the plan includes an ambitious 140 – 150 km of light rail transit through Surrey’s streets. Now, the plan includes stops that are spaced an average of 800 metres apart. As such, they maximize people’s access to transit.

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“People could use the network to loop through different communities, making easy connections between services as necessary, while others could travel along a continuous corridor,” reads the report from the city.

“Initial analysis shows that over 90% of people and jobs would be within a 5-10 minute walk from a transit stop (i.e., LRT, SkyTrain or B-Line service). Regardless of where you live, or where you are going, you could get there by transit.”

Surrey LRT

Photo: City of Surrey

Surrey LRT

Previous drafts of the system did not include as many stops, or extend as far; however, this plan will accommodate the population as it continues to grow.

The report also adds that the communities of Whalley, Newton and South Surrey will be in the top 10 most populated communities in Metro Vancouver by 2041. South Surrey, for example, is estimated to grow to 157,000 people, which is more than the current population of Coquitlam. The new plan allows room for major growth in the future. So, the system won’t need to be updated as soon.

Translink also unveiled a detailed look at the proposed Surrey LRT route to Langley. The route envisions eight stops from King George ending at Langley Centre.  Specifically, it is set to run along the Fraser Highway connecting Surrey City Centre, Fleetwood, and Clayton, and beyond to Township of Langley and City of Langley.

While the LRT extension would provide greater mobility and affordability for Fraser Valley residents, many believe a SkyTrain extension is the better choice. For one thing, it is much faster, and therefore promotes greater ease of travel.

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