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The City Of Langley Might Be Getting A SkyTrain Line


Photo: Translink

Residents of the Fraser Valley have been asking for more expedient transportation for years; however, they are closer to getting a Langley Skytrain or LRT line.

Translink unveiled a detailed look at the proposed Surrey LRT route to Langley. The route envisions eight stops from King George ending at Langley Centre.  Specifically, it is set to run along the Fraser Highway connecting Surrey City Centre, Fleetwood, and Clayton, and beyond to Township of Langley and City of Langley.

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Langley Skytrain
Photo: Translink

Phase 1: Surrey-Newton–Guildford Line along 104 Avenue and King George Boulevard

  • 10 km of two-way street-level track
  • 11 LRT stops
  • A new LRT operations and maintenance facility

Phase 2: Surrey–Langley Line along Fraser Highway

  • 16 km of two-way track, mostly at street level
  • A short elevated segment over the Langley Bypass and CP Rail Corridor
  • 8 LRT stops

Langley Skytrain

While the LRT extension would provide greater mobility and affordability for Fraser Valley residents, many believe a SkyTrain extension is the better choice. For one thing, it is much faster, and therefore promotes greater ease of travel.

With that in mind, there is a major cost difference between the two. The LRT extension to Langley is estimated to cost a staggering $1.95 billion; however, the SkyTrain line would cost a whopping $2.91 billion.

Never the less, advocates say that it has always been part of the area’s plan. What’s more, Doug McCallum, who is running for Mayor of Surrey, promises to cancel the LRT extension to Langley. Instead, he asserts that the SkyTrain extension is necessary to compensate for growing ridership in the Fraser Valley.

Of course, construction and commissioning for the first phase (Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT), will take 3 to 5 years. In addition, work on the Surrey–Langley line would commence approximately five years after the Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT is completed.

As a result, there will be quite a bit of time before the decision must be finalized. With that being said, the City of Langley has already said it would agree to the LRT if certain conditions are met.


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