Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse To Shine Over Vancouver

MacMillan Space Centre

Vancouver and the entire country is in for a special treat next month.

Nearly a year after 2018’s “Super Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse“, we’re going to see another, although this one won’t be “blue” according to the The Weather Network.


On the night of January 20th – 21st, the Full Wolf Moon will pass through the northern half of Earth’s shadow, producing a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Photo: The Weather Network

The graphic above highlights the path of the Moon through Earth’s penumbral and umbral shadows, and it details the timing of the eclipse, for various time-zones across Canada.

For an added bonus, since the Moon will be near perigee – its closest distance to Earth – it will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

The total lunar eclipse will begin at the following times, in each time zone across Canada:

8:41 p.m. PST
9:41 p.m. MST
11:41 p.m. EST

Fingers crossed for clear skies!

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