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Street Racers And High-Risk Drivers To Face Tougher Penalties In BC

Street Racers

The Government of British Columbia is implementing major changes in the way it punishes dangerous driving, of all kinds.

Drivers who are caught driving distracted twice within a three year period will be fined with a whopping $2000 penalty. Even a single incident, such as snacking while driving, lands drivers with a $368 fine.

Now, the government is adding stricter enforcement for those caught street racing and doing stunts.

Starting December 1st, they are increasing prohibitions to range from three to 36 months. Indeed, these penalties will replace existing 15-day prohibitions that haven’t proven effective in preventing dangerous behaviour.

In a release, the government stated that the prohibitions can also apply to a broader range of offences, including excessive speeding, driving without due care and attention and other high-risk driving behaviours that present an immediate risk to public safety.

Street Racers And High-Risk Drivers

“The drivers posing the greatest risk to people’s lives are often caught repeatedly, and that tells us they aren’t taking the consequences seriously,” said Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth. “We’re going to be scrutinizing their driving more closely and making sure the penalty fits. Racers who won’t take their cars to the track can expect to walk or use public transit.”

Police will still be able to immediately impound vehicles for a minimum of seven days if drivers are caught street racing or stunt driving.


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