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The Best Stargazing Of 2022 Includes Eclipses & Meteor Showers Over BC

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Photo: David Aste / 604 Now

A new year means new opportunities to witness Mother Nature in all her glory. Thankfully, 2022 will offer a plethora of spectacular stargazing and sky watching events.

Many of these events will be visible here in BC, including total lunar eclipses, supermoons and meteor showers.

So mark your calendars, and be make sure to look up to the skies on these specific dates.

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Stargazing Events In BC In 2022

Full Moons/Supermoons

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Photo: David Aste / 604Now

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2022 will see its fair share of full moons (12 to be exact) and two of them happen to qualify as supermoons.

On average, supermoons are approximately seven per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter than a typical full moon. Here’s the full list of full moons/supermoons coming this year:

  • Jan. 17: Wolf moon
  • Feb. 16: Snow moon
  • March 18: Worm moon
  • April 16: Pink moon
  • May 16: Flower moon
  • June 14: Strawberry moon (supermoon)
  • July 13: Buck moon (supermoon)
  • Aug. 11: Sturgeon moon
  • Sept. 10: Harvest moon
  • Oct. 9: Hunter’s moon
  • Nov. 8: Beaver moon
  • Dec. 7: Cold moon

Lunar Eclipses

Photo: Ken H. Campbell Photography / 604 Now Flickr Pool

2022 will also bring two total lunar eclipses that will be visible in North American skies. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, a total lunar eclipse is when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon and its shadow covers the moon.

Sky watchers will actually be able to see the moon turn red when the eclipse reaches totality. Here are the total lunar eclipses to expect over North America this year:

  • May 15: This total lunar eclipse will be visible in western Canada, as well as along the Pacific Coast of the U.S. and Hawaii.
  • Nov. 8: Another lunar eclipse in early November will put on a show for the western edge of North America, South America, the Pacific, Asia and Australia.

Meteor Showers

metor shower
Photo: David Aste / 604Now

There are 12 meteor showers in 2022, the first of which already happened shortly into the new year. But there’s still 11 more chances to catch a glimpse of one.

When it comes to viewing meteor showers, or any sky gazing event, it’s recommended to find a dark open sky, away from all the city lights. Here’s all the other showers to take in this year:

  • April 21: Lyrids
  • May 4: Eta Aquariids
  • July 29: Southern delta Aquariids:
  • July 30: Alpha Capricornids
  • Aug. 11: Perseids
  • Oct. 20: Orionids
  • Nov. 4: Southern Taurids
  • Nov. 11: Northern Taurids
  • Nov. 17: Leonids
  • Dec. 13: Geminids
  • Dec. 21: Ursids


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