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Starbucks Is Testing a New Cashierless Concept

cashierless starbucks

Photo: Starbucks

Starbucks is considering a new virtual concept and the testing is happening now.

The coffee mega-giant wants to connect the digital and physical retail experience through Amazon Go’s ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping experience.

A store in New York is kicking off the new concept where customers can order through the app and pick up without having to take out your wallet at the very first cashierless Starbucks.

They are hoping to create an easy checkout experience that if all goes well, will soon be arriving in Canada.

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Customers will still be able to order from the full Starbucks menu via the app. This can be done before or during the visit to the Amazon Go market. This includes fresh-prepared salads, sandwiches, bakery items, and snacks.

When arriving at the Amazon Go market, you will simply need to scan to enter. You’ll then do your usual shopping, and pick up your Starbucks order from within the store.

Photo: Starbucks

This whole experience will take place without ever having to check out with a cashier or making any type of physical payment in the store. Everything will be charged automatically through a digital cart.

Customers can even stay in the store’s lounge area to get some work done and enjoy the coffee before departing.

This definitely takes getting coffee “to go” to a whole new level.


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