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540 Sq-Ft, $108K Lot Summarizes State of Vancouver Real Estate Market

If you know anything about Vancouver, it’s probably the affordability crisis and absurd real estate market.

We can dive into the analysis of rent prices, comparing and contrasting them to other parts of Canada, but it likely wouldn’t be as tidy as a concrete example.

Let’s dive right into the photos:

Vancouver Real Estate Market - William Street Lot C
Photo: Century 21
William Street Lot C - Vancouver Real Estate Market
Photo: Century 21

Beautiful, ain’t it?

And here’s a few numbers, to really wet your appetite:

Lot Size: 540 square-feet

Dimensions: 9′ x 60′

Acres: 0.01

Stories: 0

This little gem is located adjacent to a property on 1922 William Street, near Commercial Drive, and it can be yours for the low low price of $108,000.

It’s kind of like having your own private island, except on a much smaller scale and puddles instead of oceans. (There are plenty of private islands for sale, too, if you’re interested.)

If you’re thinking about how to make use of this lot and you’re thinking about building a tiny home, we’re going to have to burst your bubble. According to the listing, due to zoning laws, if you become the owner of this lot, you will not be able to build a tiny home on it.

Don’t you all rush in to buy it at the same time.

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