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VIDEO: Sharks Spotted Swimming Along The Stanley Park Seawall

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Photo: @PhoeLam / Twitter

Wildlife is nothing new in Vancouver, and spotting an orca out in the ocean isn’t unusual. A group of sharks however? Now that’s not an everyday sight.

The City of Vancouver staff member was out for a run along the seawall this morning and came across what appears to be nearly half a dozen sharks.

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A few dogs barking at the water caught her attention and when she looked closer she saw the spiny dogfish munching on tiny silverfish near Siwash Rock.

Despite the rare appearance, it’s important to note these sharks are native to local waters. On average, they grow to 80 – 159 cm, and often live from 35 – 54 years. However, there’s some reports of them living up to 81 years.

Spiny dogfish like to hunt in packs and often feast on squid, fish, crab, jellyfish, sea cucumber, shrimp and other invertebrates.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the first time sharks have been spotted in Vancouver.

The most recent encounter was along the Kitsilano shoreline in 2018.

Let’s also not forget the time orcas were caught chasing swimmers in Whytecliff Park.


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