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This Secret Lake In BC Looks Like A Caribbean Paradise

Johnson Lake

Photo: katelyn.faulkner / Instagram

Picture sunshine glistening on turquoise, crystal clear waters lined with beautiful beaches in a pristine, tranquil oasis. While it may sound like a Caribbean paradise, it actually describes a lake located in the interior of beautiful British Columbia.


Johnson Lake is located right outside of Barriere and is a truly blissful utopia. Attaining its blueish hue from the presence of limestone, the lake’s crystal waters look decidedly tropical.

Summer, I’ll miss you. ☀️

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Since it is so beautiful and clear, the lake is a favourite of kayakers and campers alike. The water gets to be about 200 feet deep, and is filled with trout. 


Johnson Lake Resort

Johnson Lake Resort rents cabins, RV sites, and Campsites. Offering kayaks, rowboats, and other boats for rental, it stays open from June 1st through October.  

It takes about an hour and a half to get to from Kamloops. Johnson Lake is considered to be one of, if not the most, beautiful lake in BC.

A Year ago today, got to go to this amazing lake! Need to go back 🤗🚣🏽 @mikynelson

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The heavenly lake remained practically unknown for years; however, it has gained a great deal of exposure in the past few years. Locals claim that the ecosystem cannot sustain the current level of traffic. In fact, some fear that it is causing irreversible damage to the lake and surrounding wilderness.

Johnson Lake- just below the surface💕

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People are urged to use established pathways in the woods rather than creating new ones. In addition, they asked to clean up after themselves, and to abide by the park’s rules and regulations.

Similarly, there is another lesser-known Canadian gem that is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Located on the east side of Canada in a chain of breathtaking islands, it is also divinely beautiful.

If you’re looking for another magical experience, this hike in BC allows you to come up close and personal with wolves.


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