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10 Things To Do On Salt Spring Island That You’ll Absolutely Love

Salt Spring Island

Located off of the coast of British Columbia, Salt Spring Island is one of the most magical of the Gulf Islands. Indeed, it is one of the best places in the province to truly “get away from it all.”

With beautiful beaches, lush forests, rugged coastlines and a vast array of wildlife, it is a captivating escape. In addition, the small arts community on the island is regarded as one of best in the country.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to enjoy this natural paradise.

Salt Spring Island Activities

Mount Maxwell Hike


At 580m above sea level, Mount Maxwell Provincial Park contains one of the highest points on Salt Spring Island. From here, hikers have panoramic views of the water, forest, and coastline below. In addition, the viewpoint provides an ideal spot for picnicking.

Magical Fairy Doors Trail

Fairy Doors Trail / Salt Spring Island
Photo: Lichon Photography / Facebook

This stroll is lovely and may have you believing in magic! Along the course of the walk there are numerous, delightfully-tiny doors, constructed for the fairies, of course. The trail is located on Mount Erskine, and there are a few paths that lead to the enchanted walkway.


Tree House Cafe 


Do you absolutely love getting lost in nature? Then you’ll probably enjoy sipping tea or coffee in this tree-house cafe. The open-concept of the café makes you feel like you’re in an actual tree house. With a plum tree in the center and lush greenery all around—it’s a dining experience like none other.

Kayak Tours


Offering some of the best kayaking conditions in Canada, Salt Spring offers some beautiful vistas to soak in during an excursion. Also, Ganges Harbour provides a perfectly sheltered area for kayakers to enjoy a day-trip on the water. Numerous tours are available to guide visitors on their journey.



Stand-up paddleboarding has never been better! Enjoy the beauty of Salt Spring while getting a full-body workout. You can rent a paddeboard or bring your own to enjoy hours of fun.


Cider Tour


Salt Spring Wild ciders are made with the wild apples and pears that grow on Salt Spring Island, and with apples from organic orchards.  The delicious ciders are quite dry, and come in blends of over 10 different apple varieties! Take a tour at the brewery to sample from a litany of fruity goodness.

Beaches and Swimming


The kelp-strewn Vesuvius Bay offers the island’s warmest waters and is therefore ideal for swimming; however, the area is rocky, so it is hard on bare feet. For softer terrain, head to Beddis Beach for its white, crushed-shell shore that is the closest thing to a sand beach.

Seafood Galore


Do you love seafood? Than you are in for a treat! Salt Spring is known for its delectable variety of fresh, pescatarian delights. From mussels to oysters, halibut to dungeness crab, you’ll have your pick of some yummy seafare. What’s more, there are places to buy sustainable fish, which reduce harm to the environmental.

Salt Spring Vineyards


If you aren’t a fan of cider, don’t despair! Salt Spring Vineyard offers complimentary wine tasting of locally island grown, sustainably produced wines. In addition, you can enjoy a weekend away in a secluded property offering rooms with kitchenettes, plus breakfast, scenic picnics and wine tastings.

Whale Watching


Salt Spring Island affords visitors with the chance to view orca whales in their element! Take an exciting tour out on the open ocean where you can view these majestic beasts in all their glory. They operate all year round, and there is myriad wildlife to spot besides the orcas.

For those looking to witness the alchemic glory of mother nature, check out Tofino on Vancouver Island for a beguiling spectacle of super-sized ocean waves. If you are looking for another magical adventure on a Gulf Island, check out these whimsical limestone caves on Gabriola Island.

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