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Richmond Signs Must Have 50% English Content According To New Policy

Richmond Signs

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Richmond’s city councillors unanimously decided to put a policy in writing regarding language on signage in Richmond.

While the city is still in favour of encouragement through education rather than strict enforcement through penalty, having the policy in writing makes it a formal piece of legislation.

Richmond Signs: Policy Debate

The signage debate has involved a great deal of contention, as roughly 40% of the city’s population speaks a Chinese language. Roughly 33% of citizens said that English was their first language.


The new policy encourages businesses to have at least 50% of their signage in English, which councillors argue strikes a fair balance. So far, without having a policy in writing, businesses have been extremely receptive to the recommendation.

Previous discussions over the signage policy argued for stricter penalties and enforcement; however, council members felt that such enforcement would directly violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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