Richmond Is Looking For New Mural Sites and Needs Your Help Painting Them

Richmond mural

Do you ever walk past a public space that’s a little plain and dull and you just think to yourself, “This could use some colour” ?

Well, if you live in Richmond, you just might get your wish, because from now until July 31st, the City of Richmond is accepting nominations for potential mural sites.

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There are two qualifications that the wall has to meet. The first: the wall must be “visually-accessible to the general public”, meaning it should be somewhere that allows people to see it even without trying. The second: the site cannot be a private residence.

If you have a place in mind, however, you will need to get the property owner to sign the application and answer a brief questionnaire about the property.

Where this gets even cooler, though, is with the artists, because not only can you nominate a mural site, you can be the artist that paints it. You do not need to be a Richmond resident, and as long as you have the particular set of skills, the entire project is fully-funded! (Artists, apply here.)

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This project is part of the City of Richmond’s new Community Mural Program, which seeks to “ animate highly visible public spaces and bring together artists, students, community groups and/or local businesses to transform the places where we live, work, learn and play.”

More information about applications, the process, and the program can be found here.

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