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Richmond Driver’s Van Spotted Parked Outside SkyTrain Station With Missing Tire

richmond parking

Photo: Ron Chan / Facebook

A photo of an abandoned van parked in front of Aberdeen SkyTrain station is the centre of attention in Richmond this week, all for the wrong reasons.

While people spotting parking fails in the city is nothing new, this one was unique due to the missing tire.

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In a post shared to the Richmond Learns to Park and Drive Facebook group, Ron Chan shared the following capture with the caption “Seems like a good place to get your car fixed😉”.

richmond parking
Photo: Ron Chan / Facebook

As expected, people weren’t really surprised and didn’t hold back with their thoughts.

“Nice shop, should get a lot of business there” said one of the commenters.

“Maybe the driver needed to take SkyTrain with the wheel 👍” said another.

On active weeks within the Facebook group, users typically look back at the past seven days and vote for the biggest parking fail. This week however, that may not be necessary.

“Don’t need to vote this week. This takes the mooncake” someone added.

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