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Richmond Driver Parks Car On SkyTrain Plaza Next To ATM, Again

richmond driver

Photo: Richmond Learns to Park and Drive / Facebook

Drivers in the city of Richmond are once again the spotlight of attention, this time for pulling their car up onto a busy pedestrian plaza.

A Toyota Highlander has immortalized itself by pulling up onto the pavement outside Richmond-Brighouse Station and parking.

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Photos of the incident were uploaded to the popular Facebook page “Richmond Learn’s To Drive”.

Photo: Peter Pang / Richmond Learns to Park and Drive Facebook

People were not particularly surprised by this though.

Commenters on the Facebook page noted this has happened before at the exact same spot. In May last year a woman parked her Audi outside the same Richmond train station to access the ATM.

If this becomes a regular occurrence, perhaps more than one car at a time will park directly in front of the entrance to Brighouse Station; however, there can only be one Highlander. 


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