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B.C. Government Considering Ticketing People For Racist Behaviour

Government Ticketing Racist - Racist Rant In Richmond

Screencap: Amy Xu

Individuals who display racist behaviour B.C. may face consequences, as the government considers ticketing people for hateful behaviour.

Talks came about after Delta North MLA Ravi Kahlon wrote a letter to Public Safety Minister, Mike Farnworth.

The letter formally requested the province consider how to crack down on “racist and hateful behaviour.”

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“I understand that some jurisdictions have implemented new, non-criminal sanctions to deter this behavior such as ticketing,” the letter reads.

With more and more racially-charged incidents occurring, Kahlon has been raising the idea of ticketing with others across B.C.

Farnworth said ministry staff are currently looking into possible solutions, but there is currently no timeline set in place.

Just last month, an angry customer yelled “Speak english in Canada” to store clerks during a confrontation. Similarly, a man who was called out for breaking a bylaw voiced his hatred for “the Chinese”, and referred to immigration as an “invasion.” The most notorious case, of course, was that of Carla Waldman, whose rant in Richmond went viral this summer., and drew universal condemnation.


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