Chinese Group Seeks Public Apology From Racist Rant Lady, Police Transparency

Government Ticketing Racist - Racist Rant In Richmond

A group of Asian Richmond residents are not ready to forgive and forget about the Caucasian lady who went on a racist rant earlier this summer.

In the video, the lady is shown brazenly yelling racist slurs at an Asian woman and her family. At one point, the lady, who later identified herself as Carla Waldman, tells them to “go back to China.”

Waldman was universally condemned online, with numerous people also bombarding her Facebook page with criticism.

The RCMP later announced that they were not going to charge Waldman.

That’s a decision that this group of Asian residents are also challenging.

Racist Rant Lady: Fallout

According to Richmond News, they’re demanding more police transparency on why Waldman was not charged.

A letter with the demands the group wrote was circulated on WeChat and made it to the front-page of multiple local Chinese-language newspapers.

In response, the RCMP stated that the lady was not charged because the racist rant did not rise to the level of hate speech. In addition, the RCMP noted that Waldman had written an apology letter to the Asian woman and her family, and that they are not pursuing the matter any further.

Nonetheless, the group still held a press conference last week, which emphasized their “Together say no to racism” motto. At the press conference, the group also requested that Waldman make a public apology to the Chinese-Canadian community.

“If we don’t stand up this time, (racists) might think we can easily accept discrimination. We don’t want to see this single case be more common in the future,” said one of the leaders of the group.

“People in the community want to know the decision criteria in terms of whether to prosecute a case or not. They want to know the difference between hate crimes and non-criminal actions in the police department”, added a lawyer working with the group.

The group has also since launched a petition, hoping to draw support from those who value diversity in Canada. According to one of the organizers, they have already secure 2,000+ signatures.

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