Racist Man Tells Asian Woman She Dropped Her Coronavirus (VIDEO)

Coronavirus racist comment

A man in Burnaby was caught on video telling an Asian woman she “dropped her Coronavirus.”

The video shows the two people in a parking lot, where the woman gets out of the car to confront the man.

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The man had told the woman and her mother that they “dropped their Coronavirus,” but the two didn’t realize what he had said until a moment later.

Posted by Chris Campbell on Thursday, January 30, 2020

When the woman confronted the man, who stood outside his car, he repeated it. She told him that what he said was, “a very racist comment.”

The man replied, “wow, great.” He then said he made the same comment to about 10 different people.

The video cut off at that point, but numerous people shared it in the last couple of days, including the woman it happened to.

“I can’t believe some people can be like this,” she said on Instagram.

To get factual information about the illness, this is what the Coronavirus is and its symptoms.

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