Bridge Protest Cancelled: Flaggers Unite After Driver Charged In Hit And Run


After a couple weeks worth of tense disputes between flaggers and talk of a large scale protest, a resolution has been reached.

As of July 12th, 2017, the flaggers of British Columbia have a newly formed legal body from which to operate. The news provides great relief to those who felt that the flaggers had little legal recourse to move forward with decisions or provide a cohesive group structure.

Curtis Williams sits as the newly appointed Interim Executive Director of the British Columbia Flagging Association and spoke with us about the group’s formation. When asked about Diane Herback’s threat to shut down the Pattullo, Alex Fraser, and Port Mann Bridges in a mass protest, and how close that threat was to being actualized, Williams told 604 Now, “absolutely not,” stating that the threat had no legal backing and was made, “without structure in a reactive state.”


He adds, however, that many of the decisions made prior to the group’s formation were made in such a way. Seeing as there was no formal structure to the union it was difficult for the group to reach a consensus and actualize goals.

Moreover, Williams states that Herback’s sentiment came from the right place, and that she wanted justice for the flaggers. The protest was meant to underscore the dangers that flaggers put themselves in when they are working, and how they felt that their voices were going unheard.

In addition, Williams mentioned that the length of time it took for the accused to be charged caused tensions to run high, and that much of the response did not factor in this timeline.

He concludes that the union’s official formation is a strong step in the right direction, and that the new structure will provide a great deal of momentum for the group.

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