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Flaggers Threaten to Shut Down Metro Van Bridges In Response To Hit And Run


UPDATE: Charges have been laid against the driver involved in the hit and run.

After the recent surge of alarm in regard to a hit and run in Burnaby, the co-founder of a group of flaggers from across the lower mainland is threatening to shut down three major bridges.

This news surfaces a couple of weeks after a Surrey woman struck a flagger on duty and subsequently hit another flagger as she departed the scene. She was also caught assaulting two children before she was arrested.  


The BC Flagging Association co-founder, Diane Herbeck, says that no charges have been laid against the driver involved.

If no charges are laid, Herbeck has stated that flaggers will stage a large protest by shutting down the Pattullo, Alex Fraser, and Port Mann Bridges.

Vancouver driver runs down flag person from videos


Another co-founder of the group, Tammy Sampson, says that Herbeck does not speak on behalf of the entire group and that her words should be taken with a grain of salt. She also fears the backlash that could occur as a result of such a protest.

While opinions vary, one thing is certain: a large number of flaggers fear for their personal safety and are not comfortable with the current measures that are in place to protect them.

As Herbeck has stated, much of the public will be let go with a slap on the wrist, while a flagger on duty may not live to see another day.

The flagger involved in June’s hit and run is recovering from serious injuries.

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