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Video Of VPD Officer Lecturing “Bad Parent” Goes Viral

Photo: Manninder Bains / Facebook

A video of a Vancouver Police officer yelling at a woman for bad parenting is going viral on social media.

According to Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer, officers were called to a grocery store parking lot on Grandview Highway around 3:50 p.m. on Monday, July 3.

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The police department reportedly received multiple calls about children left behind in a vehicle who were described as “in distress”.

The mother of the children allegedly left the kids in the vehicle while she went into the grocery store. Witnesses report the mother failed to leave one of the vehicle’s windows open, and the children set the car’s alarm off.

VIDEO: Pedestrians confront mother:

In the video, the mother is heard stating she only ran into the store for 5 minutes. However, video obtained from the grocery store by police indicates she left the vehicle for 20 minutes.

There were two children in the vehicle, a six-year-old girl and a three-and-a-half year-old boy. Both were treated for dehydration on the scene.

“Your children could have died.”

In the video below, the mother is seen pleading her case, but the sergeant wasn’t having it and is heard lecturing the mother. 

“You want me to seize your kids and you’ll never see them again?”

“You don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in, the windows were up – it’s hot out. Your children could have died.”

VIDEO: Police confront mother:

The woman in the video currently does not face charges.

Police have since issued a warning to the public and have handed the file over to the Ministry of Children and Family Development who will further investigate.

Anyone who sees a pet or child in a hot car is encouraged to call 9-1-1 immediately.

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