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This Airplane Seat Design Will Help Passengers Socially Distance While Flying


Photo: PlanBay

As we all try to navigate a new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the same goes for the aviation industry.

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis—flight travel will likely look a lot different. That’s where PlanBay comes in, an idea constructed by French aeronautical engineer Florian Barjot.

Photo: PlanBay

The airplane seat design targets travelers sitting in the economy class, who are unable to adhere to the standard two metre guidelines in place to promote physical distancing.

In order to improve distancing, this design consists of a removable kit for an unused middle seat to increase the distancing between passengers.

The goal of the product is to create an easy and fast solution without having to completely refigure existing seating. The design would create a barrier between passengers while also being simple to install and remove.

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According to Barjot, the design is low-cost and easy to produce as well.

It also increases the height between rows, allowing for further protection from others on board.

It does have a few limitations, including the fact that they wouldn’t be installed in emergency exit rows and it does not allow for the seat to be reclined. However, it features a lateral head rest to allow for more comfort as a result of that.

Photo: PlanBay

While this design still has a long way to go before becoming a reality (if ever), it does give a glimpse into the potential future of air travel.

Barjot hopes to gain airline interest for the concept, obtain approval from authorities and create a final design.

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