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This Breathtaking BC Viewpoint Lets You See For Miles And Miles

Oyama Lookout

Photo: hikingtheokanagan / Instagram

While there are a number of beautiful, well known places to enjoy in the Okanagan, it’s always magical to spend time in a lesser known spot.

That’s what makes the Oyama Lookout so magical. Not only is it off of the beaten path, but it offers some of the most magnificent views of the sprawling region below.

What’s more, the vistas include some beautiful landmarks. For one, Kalamalka Lake, known for its shimmering, multi-coloured waters, looks stunning from a distance. With ribbons of vivid hues cutting across the lake, it offers a stunning perspective.


The vantage point also provides views of Terrace Mountain, as well as Wood Lake. Moreover, the panorama is filled with endless trees, as well as lush hills that soar into the horizon.

As a result, the viewpoint offers a truly romantic perspective to share with a special someone, or simply a gorgeous view to enjoy with friends. In addition, sunrise makes the landscape especially idyllic, with the sun casting its golden glow over the great expanse. Likewise, sunset offers unparalleled beauty, as a rosy hue overtakes the valley range.



Oyama Lookout

In order to reach the breathtaking vista, visitors must travel to Oyama Lake Road Lookout. The road is located approximately 30 minutes from the Kelowna Airport, and the lookout is located roughly halfway up the dirt road. Afterward, a short walk off of the road takes travellers to the cliff’s edge, where they are privy to an incredible bird’s eye view of the landscape.


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