These Secluded Lakes In BC Offer Stunning Views You’ll Never Forget

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Secluded Lakes In BC

British Columbia is known for its natural beauty. From awe-inspiring viewpoints to beautiful beaches, sandstone cave networks to old-growth forests, the province provides some stunning landscapes.

With that in mind, there’s nothing more enchanting than the lovely, secluded lakes in BC.

For one thing, these lakes are pristine – unlike many areas in the world, some of them are practically untouched. As a result, they resemble the way nature intended them to – with crystal clear waters and beautiful shorelines.

Have a look at some of the province’s truly spectacular, lesser-known lakes.

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Lake O’Hara

Secluded Lakes In BC

Photo: Roger Nelson / Flickr

A truly spellbinding sight to behold, Lake O’hara stuns with its aquamarine, otherworldly waters. In addition, the water holds the reflecting of the cascading, snow-frosted mountains in its reflection, which adds to the picturesque display. Best of all, the heavenly retreat requires a reservation to visit, and is located deep in Yoho National Park. As a result, adventurers have a rather exclusive opportunity to soak in scene.

Mystery Lake

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There’s something intriguing about visiting a lake that is dubbed “Mystery Lake.” And, this jewel is located on Mount Seymour, which makes it an extremely beautiful, alpine body. Nestled in the forest, it is roughly a 1.5 km hike from the Seymour parking lot. As such, not everyone will bear the struggle to reach it, and therefore it affords visitors with a bit more privacy.

Muncho Lake

Although it may be less exclusive than Mystery Lake, Muncho Lake is profoundly beautiful. For one thing, the water looks like a Caribbean paradise. Also, the entire lake is lined with some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the province. Endless rows of evergreen trees fill the shores of this serene place, making it a must-see. Located on the Alaska Highway, this spectacular destination is ideal for boating, hiking, or just gazing at its majesty.

Jones Lake

While it may come as a surprise, one of BC’s most beautiful and private lakes is merely just outside or Metro Vancouver. Jones Lake, located roughly a half an hour outside of Langley, affords campers with completely isolated places to pitch a tent and enjoy some serenity. Further, the lake is gorgeous. With ample views of the mountains, and beautiful waters, it is a great place to unwind. Also, visitors may enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing.

Wedgemount Lake

There are a number of beautiful lakes in the province, but this glacier fed paradise near Whistler will take your breath away! With its mind-blowing turquoise waters, this beautiful spot is difficult to reach, but well worth the effort. Although it is glacier fed, some visitors dare to take a dip in the summer months; however, the water is still very cold, so exercise extreme caution.

Seton Lake

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It is hard to take a bad picture of Seton Lake; the area oozes with sublime beauty, and even the way the road loops near it frames photographs artistically. Located in Lillooet, the lake offers an inviting place for people of all ages to enjoy. Not only is the lake beautiful, but it is a truly sublime stop on the way to Whistler.

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