Opinion: Vancouver Needs A Nightlife Mayor

vancouver nightlife mayor

It’s no secret that the nightlife in Vancouver is seriously lacking. Compared to a lot of other cities, we can’t compare.

Vancouver is in desperate need of an office to specifically focus on and improve our nightlife scene. They can do this without even adding more pubs and nightclubs (although we wouldn’t complain if they got to work on that too).

But there are other road blocks getting in the way of us not having an awesome nightlife. And seeing as we’re such a beautiful city, with lots of outdoor activities to take part in and a wide variety of cuisines to indulge in—this is the one area we struggle with. But in order to improve that…a few things need to happen first.

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A Nightlife Mayor Could Help Vancouver By:

  • Increasing the time pubs, clubs, patios and other entertainment venues are open until because one or two a.m. isn’t cutting it.
  • Rallying to get ride hailing services like Uber or Lyft to the city faster.
  • Increasing the time transit services run and preferably have the skytrain available 24-hours a day on weekends.
  • More nightlife security should be trained to reduce conflict.
  • Implementing noise-reducing windows if the nightlife venue exists near residential housing.
  • Buildings that shape Vancouver’s history and culture should be marked as a landmark to save them from being demolished.
  • Creating more diverse social spaces where marginalized communities can gather.
  • Be the point of contact for establishments who need to voice complaints or who need support to get the proper licensing, permits and approvals.
vancouver nightlife mayor

Photo: vancityvisual / Flickr

There’s been a shift from the old-school thought that nothing good happens after midnight and we’re starting to see the value in having a healthy nightlife and how it creates a better culture for the city as a whole.

Other than the motives being to strive to be more of a party city—we could put our efforts into ensuring people get home safely. And having ride hailing and sharing services as well as increased transit hours would help achieve that goal. It would also help shape our culture and shake the notion that Vancouver is a “no fun city.”

The idea for a Nightlife Mayor is gaining traction in the states and worldwide. New York City is one of over 30 cities to establish an Office of Nightlife, which helps to promote a culturally and economically vibrant nightlife.

Do you think Vancouver could benefit from having a Nightlife Mayor? Sound off in the comments below!

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