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Get Ready, Singles: Reality Show Love is Blind May Come to Canada

love is blind may come to Canada

Photo: @loveisblind / Instagram

If you binge-watched Netflix’s Love is Blind and couldn’t get enough – well, the next season may hit closer to home than you think.

The new reality dating show follows a group of millennials who find love by talking to strangers within pods. With a wall separating them, the couples can only physically see each other after they decide to get engaged.

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The show aired on Netflix February 13th and had thousands tuned in.

And while Netflix has yet to confirm a second season, the show’s creator, Chris Coelen, said there’s a strong possibility of its return. And not only that, but they may consider bringing it to Canada.

“I want to see a season two or a season 12, don’t you?” said Coelen in Oprah Magazine.

During the interview, he added that he’d like to expand the show to other U.S. states and new countries. 

That means Canada very well might be in the cards for the dating show. 

Netflix is airing the Love is Blind’s reunion episode Thursday, March 5th. As the show’s events happened more than a year ago, the reunion will look at where the cast is now in 2020.

Would you be part of the experiment?

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