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N Driver Has $200,000 McLaren Impounded For Ripping Through Playground Zone

Mclaren Impounded

Photo: VPD Traffic Unit / Twitter

A new driver had his MP4 McLaren impounded after racing through a playground zone this week.

VPD caught the novice doing more than 40 km over the 30 km Playground Zone Limit. As a result, they slapped him with a hefty $368 fine and impounded his car for a full 7 days.

Of course, reckless driving is dangerous anywhere, but it is especially alarming in an environment where children may run into the street. As such, the VPD Traffic Unit tweeted that drivers ought to “slowdown.”

In December, a similar situation occurred in Maple Ridge. An N driver was caught by police going 60 km over the speed limit and had his luxury Jaguar impounded.

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McLaren Impounded


Of course, most people are well aware that they will get a ticket for speeding; however, there are few traffic tickets that come as a surprise to many people.

In addition, a driver caught twice in a three year period will receive up to $2,000 in fines as well as points. Not only will repeat offenders incur this enormous fine, but additional offences could mean a revoked license. They may not be able to drive for 3 months up to year.

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