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Missing: Two Local, Endangered, and Possibly-Sick Killer Whales

Killer Whales

The Whale Sanctuary Project/ Facebook

Two killer whales have gone missing from their families, which are resident to the waters south of Vancouver Island and the U.S. San Juan Islands.

The two whales, named J17, of the J Pod family; and K25, of the K Pod family, were notably absent when their respective families were spotted in Haro Straight, near Victoria, over the weekend.

The 42 year old female J17 has not been spotted in weeks, and the 28 year old male K25 since January.

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J17 and K25 belong to a species of killer whales that are endangered. Researchers estimate that there are just 75 members of the species remaining.

To make matters worse, these two majestic killer whales were already in poor health.

Biologist Michael Weiss told CBC News that both J17 and K25 looked “emaciated” the last time they were seen, and that while both have not been declared dead, “It’s not looking good.”

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