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Emotional Protest Against Metrotown Demovictions Causes Uproar


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While plans to tear down Metrotown mall are still a long way off in the future, plans to develop the area surrounding the shopping centre plans are coming much quicker. Indeed, as the area completely transforms, many people will be pushed out of homes.

Burnaby City Hall met with concerned residents on Tuesday, December 12th to hear their arguments against rezoning the area. Unfortunately, city councillors were not swayed by their views.

Rezoning the area could displace roughly 6,000 people residing in low-income housing; however, the area is rapidly developing. Indeed, over 125,000 new residents are set to move into the city in by 2041. With this in mind, the city hopes to accommodate this influx.

Metrotown and Stop Demovictions Burnaby

Stop Demovictions Burnaby has been protesting the changes for quite some time. On July 24th, Burnaby City Council was met with an emotional display from the group. In fact, the group was able to delay voting for a period of time before the protest was stopped by police.

At this time, 64 units in three buildings on Sussex Avenue in the area could be torn down for a new condo tower. What’s more, the changes could occur within the next couple years.

Global News spoke with the group’s organizer, Zoe Luba. She told them that, “The displaced residents are going to have the option of moving back into the new development but they won’t have anywhere to go in the meantime.”

This would be the first change implemented since the council’s decision on July 24th.

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