Alarming Study Predicts Parts Of Metro Vancouver Will Be Underwater In Our Lifetime


While global warming has been in the news for many years, new evidence points to an even more disturbing future for the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Scientists have long spoke about the fact that the current rise in global temperature could put many parts of Metro Vancouver in jeopardy. Places like Delta and Richmond, which sit at a lower level, were expected to eventually disappear as the sea level rose; however, that prediction may come faster than expected.

“The ice sheet that covered much of Western Canada at the end of the last ice age melted earlier and more quickly than scientists thought, a new study suggests. The findings bolster evidence that the melting of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet could have boosted sea levels by up to three metres,” reports CBC.

Metro Vancouver Underwater By 2100

These findings indicate that the next melt will happen much quicker and have a more devastating impact. Delta, Richmond, parts of Surrey, Abbotsford, Coquitlam and North Vancouver may completely disappear by 2100 as the sea level rises.

Even parts of Vancouver that run along the water may completely disappear underwater.
An interactive maps published by Seeing Map Choices conveys a grim forecast for the future of Metro Vancouver.


Photo: Climate Central

Efforts are being made to slow the rise of the global temperature; however, the temperature has increased at an alarming pace. The ice age study indicates that this pattern predicated the last ice age. Scientists warn that Metro Vancouver is on an alarmingly similar track.

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  • Richard Angus

    Talk of rising shorelines is simply scare tactics to promote political agendas unsupported by factual scientific data or principles.

    It is second to the idea of the eventual massive earthquake to strike Vancouver proper.

    The risk of earthquakes is contained to the fault structure in the Pacific offshore Vancouver Island with perhaps onshore vibrations and some limited damage in the Vancouver region.

    What do you choose to believe, thousands of years of factual evidence or dramatic forecasts of geologic change within the next 50 years.

  • Steve Lee

    What political agendas would do this? What do they want to achieve? Will they make money off of it? Please explain!

  • Marcel Den Drijver

    There’s evidence it’s been under water before, comes to no surprise, you can see the routes of where the water will take over.
    But look at the Netherlands, they’ve defeated the sea.

  • Richard

    There will be a 9.0 or bigger earthquake here, it happened in 1700 and will again soon! It’s building up techtonic plates are holding back massive stress and it will, not might, it will snap causing a catastrophic huge quake here. It’s happening all over the “ring of fire” but here, it’s called the Cascadia Subduction zone check it out RA!!