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These Popular Metro Vancouver Spots Are Looking Like Ghost Towns

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Photos: @littlekiss_photography / @wolfhoundsofgastown IG

As people continue to quarantine themselves, Metro Vancouver has become an eery place for those still out and working.

Vancouverites have taken photos of the city as it slowly turns into a ghost town. Places that were once bustling at all hours are now nearly empty.

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Aside from the grocery stores, Vancouverites have documented just how quiet the city has gotten.

Granville Street

As the centre of Vancouver, downtown is usually packed with shoppers and workers alike. But this week, things have really slowed down – even during rush hour.



The same can be said on the other side of the bridge as well, where traffic is almost non-existent.



Gastown is usually brimming with people, as well, at all hours. But now, Gastown is a ghost town.




Commercial Drive

Even on St. Patrick’s Day, Commercial Drive was quiet – as bars and restaurants closed for the day.


Rush hour in the neighbourhood was no different.


Metropolis at Metrotown

And the Burnaby mall is generally full of shoppers roaming around, but this week you may find it sparse.



Have you captured any ghost town moments in Vancouver recently?

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