Catch Dazzling Shooting Stars As Part of The Lyrid Meteor Shower This Month

Lyrid meteor shower

Mark your calendar, test your night shot capture on your smartphone, and check out the skies. You don’t want miss your chance to see some shooting stars this month.

Between April 16 and 25, the sky will host lights from the Lyrid meteor shower.

This meteor shower is the oldest of its kind, recording back to 687 B.C. Chinese astronomers denoted it as “stars fell like rain.” The Lyrid meteor shower arrives every April.

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When To Watch The Lyrid Meteor Shower

The full shower peaks on the night of April 21 and will be seen into the early morning hours on April 22. Your best chance of viewing these dazzling stars will be between moonset and dawn. This is when the sky is the darkest.

It’s at this time that the Lyrid meteors’ radiant point is highest in the sky. The radiant point marks the the spot from which they seem to appear.

Here are the Radiant Points

Check out the points and dates per star of the Lyrid meteors.

lyrid metor shower

Photo: Earth Sky

lyrid metor shower

Photo: EarthSky

These Lyrids are known for producing fireballs, which are shooting stars. These flash very brightly and leave a long-lasting streak across the sky.

It will be a sight to see.

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