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The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Is Visible This Week & It’s Blood Red

Longest Lunar Eclipse

Photo: Sam Zhao / Flickr

Stargazers are in for the celestial treat of the century this week.

On Friday, July 27th, the month’s full buck moon will behind the Earth as it lines perfectly in front of the sun. During this time it will move into the Earth’s innermost shadow, which will create the stunning lunar eclipse; however, it won’t be just any eclipse.

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In fact, this lunar eclipse is slated to be the longest of the century; another one this long until June 9, 2123. In addition, it takes place on a blood moon, so it will have a stunning ruby hue.

Specifically, the event eclipse will last an 1 hour and 43 minutes. With that in mind, the entire eclipse, including partial phases, will last for well over 6 hours.

Longest Lunar Eclipse
Photo: NASA

Longest Eclipse of the Century

Mars, known as the “red planet,” will also appear extremely big and bright in the sky this week. As such, people will be able to view both incredible events in concert. What’s more, Mars may be seen with the naked eye.

In order to see the moon most clearly, stargazers should opt to travel outside of city limits; light pollution from the city lights obscures the view.

One great spot is Porteau Cove, a provincial park about halfway in between Vancouver and Squamish. In addition, higher elevations provide optimal vantage points to avoid lights below.


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