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Vancouver Heat Wave: It’s Literally Hot Enough To Bake Cookies In Your Car

vancouver heatwave

Photo: @KirstinRidout / Twitter

The heat dome over Metro Vancouver and much of B.C. over the past few days has made it feel like we’re living in a giant oven.

And while you may have heard of people frying eggs on the sidewalk in other parts of the world, it’s never been hot enough locally to try something similar, until now.

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At the height of B.C.’s record-breaking heatwave, a Maple Ridge resident decided that it was the perfect opportunity to give baking a try.

Using a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe (with no raw eggs involved), Kirsten Ridout set out to put a tray of cookies in her preheated ‘oven’.

They went in at 12:30 in the afternoon and 4 hours later the cookies were done! She admitted that this may not be the fastest way to bake, but the results were surprisingly enjoyable.

Not only did she get a delicious warm and gooey treat, but her car also smelled like freshly baked goodness for days to follow.

When asked what inspired her, Ridout stated “why not try to make the most of a bad situation? At the very least I thought it would make my nieces and nephews and a few people on the internet smile.”

You can see her full experience below

@kirstinridoutIt’s so hot in Vancouver I can bake cookies in my car! ##vancouver ##vancouverfoodie ##vegan ##summer ##vancouverheatwave ##veganbaking ##comedian♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod


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