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Locals Are Booking Hotels and Spending The Day at The Mall Just For AC

air conditioning relief malls

Photo: Pamela Yau / 604 Now

With temperatures reaching record levels these past few days, people are desperately trying to find ways to stay cool.

Unfortunately, more than 60% of local residents do not have air conditioning. And unless you are in a newer home or already had one, you are out of luck as most quickly sold out this past weekend.

So with temperatures sky-rocketing and warnings in place, people in Metro Vancouver have had to find other means to stay cool. As a result, many are booking stays in hotels, and others looking for a quick cooling centre are flocking to malls.

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Hotels Are Fully Booked

Many local hotels have reported at capacity over the past few days.

A recent search on Booking.com for a hotel room for the night in Vancouver showed the message “76% of places to stay are unavailable for your dates on our site”.

Similar messages showed for many other Metro Vancouver cities, including Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Langley. All have the message that 80% of places already booked up.

Malls Are Packed

A similar trend is seen at the mall, as the cheaper instant relief of air conditioning during the day.

It seems as though the risks of heat exhaustion greatly outweigh the risks of getting COVID-19, because people came in groves to get out of the heat.

The Amazing Brentwood saw a packed house on Monday, with many people wandering around the food court looking for a place to settle and work for the day. Similar crowds has been seen at other malls over the weekend.

air conditioning relief
Photo: Pamela Yau / 604 Now
air conditioning malls
Photo: Pamela Yau / 604 Now

While others are taking to social media on how they’re coping with the heat

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