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Metro Vancouver Temperatures Are Higher Than India’s Hottest Cities

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It’s undoubtedly hot all across Metro Vancouver with record-breaking temperatures.

This weekend kicked off what many are calling a heat dome which explains a dangerously high level of temperatures, forcing people to look for ways to keep cool.

We had predicted that temperatures were going to surpass those of LA this week. However it seems as though Metro Vancouver temperature are even higher than some of the hottest places in India.

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Vancouver Temperatures

According to Environment Canada, temperatures will reach 34°C by the water and a scorching 43°C inland. However in terms of the humidity index (or humidex) the temperatures in Metro Vancouver will actually feel like 42°C and 50°C inland.

The UV index is confirmed to be at 9, which is extremely high. Just for some context, the average UV index in July is typically 5.

vancouver temperatures
Photo: Accuweather

There are currently a number of heat warnings throughout the province. Some school districts and businesses have also been reported to be closing for the day due to the unusually high temperatures.

Cities In India

Two of the hottest cities in India, and comparably the world, are Mumbai and Delhi. Both cities are hot year round even in their non-summer climates.

However, today, both cities are showing temperatures lower than what Metro Vancouver is experiencing.


In Mumbai the temperature is 29°C, with a humidex of 35°C. The UV index is showing at 7.

mumbai temperature
Photo: Accuweather


In Delhi the temperature is 32°C, with a humidex of 33°C. The UV index is showing at 7.

delhi temperatures
Photo: Accuweather

It’s worth noting that both the 29°C and 32°C temperatures on what makes for a normally hot day in Metro Vancouver. So to surpass some of the hottest cities while breaking our own records is something that doesn’t happen often here.


Lower Mainland residents are reminded to take precautions to protect themselves from the heat. This includes the importance of staying hydrated, keeping cool, checking in on others and staying informed.


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