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People in Langley are Literally Running to Stock Up on Costco Toilet Paper (VIDEO)

Coronavirus toilet paper fears

Photo: Suki Singh Parmara / Facebook

As fears of the Coronavirus continue to spread, many people are resorting to stocking up on items, like toilet paper, as if it’s Y2K.

That includes Langley residents who were literally running to the toilet paper in Costco.

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Someone filmed customers running, in herds, through the aisles with carts. They all gathered at the stacks of toilet paper, grabbing several packages at once.


While the Coronavirus has affected nearly 30 people in B.C., the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to tell people to remain calm.

The best solution is to simply wash your hands and avoid touching your face. But many people are spreading fear and misinformation about the virus, COVID-19.

People are even selling toilet paper online for a massive markup, due to the Coronavirus. And some stores over the globe are seeing empty shelves.

To find out what is really fact or fiction, WHO has a guide called Myth Busters.

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