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5 Coquitlam Landmarks Local Rapper Kresnt Name-Drops In “Coquitlam Crunch”

Kresnt Coquitlam

Photo: Kresnt / Instagram

Up-and-coming local rapper Kresnt (pronounced “Crescent”, as in crescent moon) is back with a new album, Rumi, a quick follow-up to his May 2019 album Rumis Reflection.

Rumi’s Reflection ended up in the No. 2 spot on both the iTunes’ Top Hip-Hop Albums In Canada chart and Top 10 Albums In Turkey.

The young Afghan-Canadian is aiming for a repeat of that success, and more, with Rumi.

This new album features a song that perhaps only British Columbians will fully understand. It’s called “Coquitlam Crunch” and it acts as a “This Is Where I’m From” kind of track, and also a homage to his beloved hometown.

Rap is all about lyricism, and aside from rhyme schemes and wordplay, a big part of that is allusions and references, which Kresnt makes use of in this track.

With that being said, let’s break-down this song by taking a look at some of the places he references.

5 Landmarks Kresnt References In “Coquitlam Crunch”

The Coquitlam Crunch

Coquitlam Crunch
Photo: @currymcflurry16 / Instagram

We have to start off with the place the track is named after, right? Residents of Coquitlam will immediately recognize the not-so-glamourous, but charming, trail in the Eagle Ridge area.

Powerlines run overhead the trail like clotheslines over a garden, but it still has some nice views.

Charles Best Secondary School

“I could have stopped back in Charles Best days / They weren’t my best days”

If you know somebody from the Coquitlam Centre area, there’s a pretty decent chance that they went to Charles Best Secondary School.

Properly named, Charles Best Secondary, named after a Canadian physician who helped discover insulin, the school was named, in 2015, as the third-best secondary school in British Columbia.

Zhou’s Chinese Restaurant

“Like damn we got mouths to feed / Every lunch we done hit up Zhou’s to eat”

About a 15-minute walk from Charles Best Secondary, Zhou’s is a popular after-school spot for students of the school, with all the mainstays of Chinese restaurants, such as BBQ Pork and Chop Suey.

Austin Ave.

“Never selfish / Whole fam man we stay on Austin”

Not to be confused with Austin, Texas; Austin Ave. is a road practically all Coquitlam residents will know. It’s a direct line-drive from Mundy Park to Lougheed Centre, making it one of the longest straight-roads in Coquitlam.

Blue Mountain Park

Blue Mountain Park
Photo: @nacho_chihua / Instagram

“I was scheming at Blue Mountain blunt in my hand / Kane and I that’s when we had the master plan”

A side-road away from Austin Avenue, Blue Mountain Park is one of Coquitlam’s very earliest parks, and continues to be a popular community space. It sports three tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a playground, and also a spray park.

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