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This Charming BC Town Was Dubbed The “Little Switzerland Of Canada”


Photo: kul_nijjar / Instagram

Located on the West side of the Kootenay Lake, the charming village of Kaslo wows visitors with its natural beauty.

For one, this stunning town is nestled in a valley amongst rolling, lush green hills. It also enjoys an extremely mild climate due to its proximity to the lake. As such, the picturesque locale is a favourite of tourists and an ideal place to call home.

In addition, quaint houses and storefronts accentuate the village’s stunning geography. In fact, people refer to the idillic town as the “Switzerland of Canada.”

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As the oldest of the Kootenay villages, it started as a mining town. With a population of roughly 1,000, it greets guests with warm, “small town” hospitality.

The community also hosts a popular annual summer music festival on the lake called Kaslo Jazz Etc. In addition, it puts on a spectacular festival over the May long weekend, called Kaslo May Days. Complete with logger sports, live music, food vendors and arts & crafts, it provides fun for people of all ages.

Of course, the region’s mountainous terrain is ideal for hiking and day treks, and even skiing and snowboarding in the winter.  During the summer months, people enjoy a plethora of water sports on the beautiful lake.


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