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Jagmeet Singh Joins Tik-Tok With Two Videos, Immediately Goes Viral

Jagmeet Singh Tik-Tok Video

Photo: Jagmeet Singh / Tik-Tok

When current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, he was dubbed “The First Instagram Prime Minister.” NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh is trying to become “The First Tik-Tok Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister candidate posted his first video on Tik-Tok on Friday, October 18th, around noon.

The song used was “Choices (Yup)” by E-40. The intro of the song features the line “Nope, yup” repeated four times, which Singh made tremendous use of.

The goal of the video was to answer the question of who he’s in the Prime Minister race for.

After each “nope” and “yup”, Singh pointed at the overlayed text he included of the people he’s running for, and not running for.

His second video came early Saturday morning. This time, he shouted out all the things he’s going to fight for using “Indigo”, a song by 88Rising and NIKI.

Regardless of which party you support, these are objectively very savvy.

Tik-Tok is one the most popular social media apps among Gen-Z’ers today and with these two videos, Jagmeet Singh showed who he is and explained what he stands for in a simple and accessible way.

This week, Singh also introduced his own hashtag, #UpRiSingh, which is very clever wordplay, if you ask us. This came after Rihanna followed him on Instagram earlier this month.

Needless to say, Jagmeet Singh is winning on social media.

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