Crossing the Border: Is The High-Speed Rail A Good Idea For Vancouver?

High-Speed Rail

News broke on Tuesday, November 21st that the governor of Washington was proposing a high-speed train between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. While there were mixed reactions over the announcement, many consider it an extremely viable option.

With an ever-developing technology industry in Vancouver, expedient access to Seattle would be a boon for the local economy. What’s more, Facebook just announced that they plan to open a second corporate office on Burrard Street next year.

Premier John Horgan took some issue with the ease of travel. “If we’re going to have high-speed rail, we’re going to need to have border checks, customs activity, done along the way,” he said. “If we stop for an extended period of time at the border, we’re defeating the purpose.”

Is The High-Speed Rail A Good Idea?

Many have pointed out that it would make an abysmal struggle getting everyone past security into the USA. For anyone who’s experienced a long line at the border already, the train may seem less appealing.

With this in mind, many countries that have cross-border trains promote an ease of travel and argue it improves their local economies. For example, the European Union allows travellers to easily venture around a great deal of the continent with great speed; however, many take issue with just how easy it is for people to pass through borders.

Many believe that having strong border security is vital for security, and the United States certainly holds this opinion. Owing to this, it may not be a quick ride down to Seattle from Vancouver. With that being said, it would certainly speed up the process. High-speed rails in Japan reach speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour.

Do you think that Vancouver should move forward with the high-speed rail to Seattle and Portland? Do you think that it will be chaos at the border? Is there a solution to border congestion? Or, alternatively, do you think the recently proposed seaplane between the cities is a more viable option?

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  • Mickey Moos-illini

    Nothing will EVER be done to improve border wait times or inconvenience experienced by even so called “trusted travellers” at the border!

    US and Canadian customs are both to blame here.

    We, the public are promised almost every year how crossing the border will be easier if we’ll just be patient, give up more of our privacy, join nexus and submit to more electronic security measures but nothing changes in terms of faster, convenient border crossing – just more intrusive and demeaning behaviour by over zealous border guards who harass families and other travellers.

    Smoke and mirrors are all we’ll ever get for believing what politicians tell us. They must be receiving many complaints from travelers and this is just their way of ignoring the real problem, the attitude of the government and border guards towards the traveling public.