Facebook To Open Huge Office In The Heart Of Downtown Vancouver


Facebook just announced that they plan to open a second office in Vancouver.

The second office will be located in Cadillac Fairview’s Waterfront Centre. Located on the corner at Burrard Street and Canada Place Way, it will be in the downtown core.

The new location will be a major corporate office in the city; it will have the fourth and fifth floors of a 21-storey sky-rise at 200 Burrard Street.

Vancouver got its original office back in 2013, when the social media powerhouse opened a 20,000-sq-ft office in the building at 1555 West Pender Street in Coal Harbour.

Facebook: Vancouver To Seattle

With its close proximity to Seattle, Vancouver is becoming a leader in the technology industry. The new office promises to create plenty of new jobs in the industry, though exact details are unknown at this point. The original Facebook office had 150 employees at the height of its employment.

Vancouver and Seattle are currently working with Harbour Air to get a direct flight service between the two technology hub cities. With another Facebook office in the city, the two hubs will be working even more closely with one another.

The office is not expected to open until later in 2018.

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  • Guest

    C’mon guys, as a reader that sometimes enjoys your articles from time to time, you guys can do good work. But it looks like you guys just copied straight from Daily Hive… this was their exclusive. Facebook didn’t announce this publicly. Don’t think that people don’t realize you blatantly copy other sites all the time.

    Someone in commercial real estate

  • Guest

    I’m in the same boat as you (occasional reader) and I don’t know who has the exclusive but the last thing we should do is promote DH in any positive light, 98% of their site content copied from other sites. 604 now has a lot of growing to do but they serve as a good alternative IMO.

  • GuestA

    I don’t know what you’re reading, Daily Hive actually sources its info unlike 604 Now. These days DH conducts their own interviews and gets original sources, for the most part. In the rare occasion they source other publications. 604 Now guys don’t even do that. Don’t confuse DH for what Vancity Buzz was like 3 years ago, sites change and they’re much better now.

    If you see an event listing or article on 604 Now, 50% chance it went up on Daily Hive first and they’re doing it because they saw it there. If you think you’re reading an alternative to crappy Daily Hive, you’re reading an even crappier version with 604 Now, based on Daily Hive. If DH can change, so can 604 Now.

    With this article, at least credit DH. C’mon guys.

  • Guest

    Oh god, I didn’t want to get into a little rebuttal but I will because I think this is a healthy conversation. For starters, Daily Hive does not source other publications, ever. If you ask any journalist at CBC, Post Media, Global, etc, they hate them for this sole reason. In readers to 604 Now not sourcing, here’s two articles I found on their news homepage that prove otherwise:
    https://604now.com/vancouver-double-decker-buses-translink/ (source Vancouver Sun)
    https://604now.com/icbc-deficit-1-billion-liberals/ (source Global News)
    Keep scrolling their news section and you’ll find more. You’ll never see Daily Hive give credit to anyone. If anything, they always claim to have tried to contact parties but rarely ever get a quote.

    In regards to events, I have to disagree. Looking at both calendars side by side and each articles publish date you’ll see why your comment is not factual.

    Like most people, you’ve probably seen Daily Hive’s content first because of their large reach – and that’s totally fair.

    With all this being said, I disagree with your crappy comments about 604 Now but they do have a way to go before they reach that next level as the big guys.

  • OriginalGuest

    If you have an RSS feed, 604 Now articles almost always appear right after a Daily Hive article, not seen elsewhere. Exact time stamps on RSS clearly show that (and there is no delay with RSS). And the article from 604 Now is usually shittier.

    And how about you find some articles on Daily Hive that don’t source anyone?

    As someone who also does PR and monitors the industry extremely closely and notices certain patterns, Daily Hive finds its own sources, and if other outlets do the same story (that’s how the industry works, it’s a competition for news) they will pursue their own sources. That’s why I was completely flabbergasted by this Facebook story copied from DH.

    If CBC does a story Global did, they don’t need to source Global for that story, if CBC also finds its own sources on that subject, even if it’s the same source used by Global personally providing a different statement and confirmation to them. I’ve done plenty of this when giving quotes to other outlets, including DH. That’s why DH doesn’t source, because they’ve done their work.

    For some stories, all of these outlets also go on the same press release sent to them including 604 Now and Daily Hive.

    But have you ever seen a 604 Now article with an original quote or statement sent to them or performed during an interview? I’ve seen ample examples on DH, zero on 604.

    It’s true that journalists with mainstream outlets hold some resentment against DH. Part of it is from the shitty work they did during the Vancity Buzz days, but a lot of it also amounts to pure jealousy that they’ve grown so big in the online space.

    But again, they’ve changed. There is still stigma against DH only because of its past work years ago, and it’s always fun to pick on the new kids on the block. If you’re still holding a grudge against Germany for WWII, please tell.

    And tell me how 604 Now got a quote from Horgan on high speed rail, when it was at a press conference in Victoria they definitely weren’t at: https://604now.com/high-speed-rail-vancouver-seattle-portland/ He didn’t give that during his speech in the legislature.

    We can disagree on this, but at least we can all agree that Narcity is absolutely the worst…. right?