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Off-Limits Vancouver: 7 Hidden Places We’ll Likely Never Get To See

hidden places in vancouver

Photo: Vancouver Archives

Vancouver has an abundance of incredible destinations you can visit on a daily basis, but what about the places you never get a chance to see?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the places in Vancouver that most people typically wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see before their very eyes.

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Canada Post’s Underground Tunnel

Canada Post Office
Photo: Photo courtesy VPL 40568 / Photographer Studio: Province Newspaper

You’re going to have to settle for just seeing pictures of this 2,400 foot tunnel running underneath the city because it no longer exists.

The Canada Post plant spanned over multiple city blocks, including the use of the massive tunnel which was constructed in the 1950s to receive and deliver mail from a nearby train station.

While it was an amazing structure, the tunnel’s time was short-lived. It only operated until the 1960s after mail stopped being sent by train.

Deadman’s Island

Deadman's Island
Photo: chefon2wheels / Instagram

Another mysterious place is Deadman’s Island, which is located in Coal Harbour and is known as being one of the province’s most spookiest places.

As we’ve previously reported, the island was originally a tree-burial grounds of the Squamish people. It was also used as a quarantine site for victims of a smallpox epidemic as well as a burial ground for those who died from the illness.

People have said they’ve experienced lots of haunted activity here, including a woman sobbing in the darkness and hurried feet scrambling around the area.

Vancouver Film Studios

hidden places in vancouver
Photo: Vancouver Film Studios

Movie buffs would love to get a tour here. Vancouver Film Studios has worked on film, TV and commercial projects, including some award-winning Hollywood blockbusters.

The studio lot has 12 purpose-built sound stages, eight separate production offices and various other support spaces. All of the stages feature 40′ ceilings and 16′ x 16′ sound doors.

The production facility is just 15 minutes away from downtown Vancouver.

TransLink’s Control Room

hidden places in vancouver
Photo: Robert Willis/The Buzzer Blog

Have you ever been on the SkyTrain and wondered how it all works? TransLink’s control room is another cool spot that you’ve likely never been able to see before (unless of course you work there).

The unique facility would offer an inside look at how the automated rail system works.

Inside the Burrard Street Bridge

hidden places in vancouver
Photo: Vancouver Archives

Every Vancouverite has driven, biked or walked across of it but what does the inside look like?

Montecristo magazine gave an inside (quite literally) look at the bridge and that includes a stairwell on the south side.

The entrance at the top is apparently still accessible to this day, but most people don’t know exactly how. The door at the bottom however, was closed off a long time ago.

View from the Tallest Building in Vancouver

hidden places in vancouver
Photo: Andrew Carros/Sotheby’s International Realty

Unless you own the penthouse suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, you haven’t seen views of the city like this before.

Not for the faint of heart, it’s located on the 61st floor and offers sweeping views of Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains.

The Top of BC Place


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If you’ve always dreamed about jumping for joy at the top of BC Place, enjoy this video.

But don’t count on doing this anytime soon, unless of course you’re the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at BC Place, who can be seen in this post along with CTV Morning Live’s Jason Pires.



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